Watercolors & Gourd Art

As a children’s librarian she has been exposed to and influenced by a great deal of excellent artwork in children’s picture books today. The variety of mediums and styles presented by many superb artists as illustrators continues to keep her interested in trying new ideas, new avenues of expression.

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by patterns: patterns in nature, patterns in folk art, and patterns in folklore. These patterns connect us with one another, too. Whether we are looking at tree branches, roots, or veins in our hands; a sunflower, a starfish, or the iris of the eye, we are looking at patterns that repeat themselves over and over. They connect us to all other beings, living and nonliving, on this earth and beyond. The pattern of wind-blown sand is repeated in the lines found in ancient rock or the wrinkled skin of a desert nomad.

Patterns individualize us and make the world recognizable to us. But they also bring us all together, connect us, and make us part of every other human being, animal, plant, stone, water, and star. Discovering these patterns through story, design, nature, music, and sound, and then reconnecting them in new ways is what I am always striving to express. < .

With the completion of a long-dreamed-of studio I can now display my art and at the same time create in a space that supports and motivates my desire to ‘spin stories into art.’.


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