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Stitched paper art, framed paper sculptures and handmade books

At Lost Lake Studio, Michele Heather Pollock turns her love of paper and stitching into beautiful functional objects and fine art. Her work includes two-dimensional stitched paper pieces; stitched paper greeting cards, bookmarks and Christmas ornaments; three-dimensional mixed media paper sculptures; paper art jewelry and handmade books. Stitching and paper provide a consistent thread connecting all of her work.

As a child in Northwest Indiana, Michele spent a lot of time with either needle and thread or scissors and paper. While learning hand bookbinding, she discovered stitching into paper. Now she combines paper collage with machine stitching and hand embroidery to create unusual mixed media art pieces, both small and large.

Michele's work explores the beauty of her Brown County surroundings, featuring local birds, flowers and trees in both framed and functional pieces. But she also honors her whimsical side, creating pieces featuring puppets, jesters, musical frogs and strange creatures straight from her imagination.

Michele has an unusual background for an artist - she holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue and spent a decade doing fundamental science research at 3M. As an artist, she was trained at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, attends workshops, relies on many traditional techniques, such as sewing and quilting, and develops many of her own techniques. She also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University, and her own original poetry sometimes makes its way into her visual artwork.

Michele's work is in galleries across central and southern Indiana, and she can be found at several art fairs in Indiana throughout the year. She participates in juried shows in galleries around the state and has won several awards for her work. Check out her website: www.LostLakeStudio.com

Her work is a juried part of Indiana Artisan since 2008.

Artist Statement:

"I enjoy both the opportunities and challenges associated with working with paper, such a common material and one of the first art supplies introduced to small children. By using collage techniques and combining them with bookbinding techniques and materials, quilting techniques, traditional fine art and craft techniques, and those of my own invention, I am able to create unusual and imaginative paper quilts and paper sculptures.

I am also interested in creating functional items that are beautiful. I consider my stitched paper bookmarks, my mixed media greeting cards and my hand bound journals artworks on a small scale, artworks that people can use and touch often in their daily lives.

I am interested in the places where two things meet: fine art and fine craft, visual art and words, science and art, function and beauty. In these places of intersection, I find space to explore my own creative vision and develop new techniques. In these places, I find inspiration."


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1581 N. Lost Lake Road • Columbus ~ 812-988-0198

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