I spent my childhood going through my grandmother’s jewelry and just being absolutely obsessed with it. As soon as I’d get to her house she’d allow me to go rooting through her jewelry box and I’d sit there untangling necklaces and admiring the stones. I had gone to Indiana University and left with a degree in Art History and had originally wanted to become a Curator, but instead got a job as a teacher. I didn’t love teaching regular school and I knew that it wasn’t my passion so I got a job at the Indianapolis Art Center teaching little kids the basics of art. I eventually moved to Nashville and had a son. When he was two, I felt like I really needed an emotional release and I started to make cards and picture frames from handmade paper. I was selling it at stores around town but I just didn’t love it and it was very time consuming. I think what turned me to jewelry was necessity. I have always loved pearls, and I just don’t feel comfortable wearing a string of pearls with my casual style clothing. So, I decided to make a pearl necklace that would be my style; more funky, casual, wearable, unique. I found that oxidizing silver and adding pearls was the perfect mix. So I started small, making a few pieces for myself and then realized that I loved it so I just went with it. That was in 2003. I’ve been doing jewelry ever since and my business has just grown.


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Guest Artist at at A.W. Mathis Studio & Gallery for October.

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